Door MatsWhen entering a building we often don’t take notice of a very important object beneath our feet. The door mat (less frequently written as doormat) is one of the most important floor coverings for cleanliness and safety. Many of us convince ourselves that we can use anything, or nothing, at our doors and we don’t give it a thought – we all somehow end up regretting it later. Here we’ll explore a few of the many key points and questions to consider about door mats.

How big should door mats be?

The size of the doormat is important in ensuring there’s success in any cleanliness strategy. You’d be surprised that this comes down to some simple common sense. Typically a person who’s entering a doorway should step on the door mats at least once. Ideally they should step on the door mat more than once. If the door mats are so small that they could be unconsciously avoided by foot traffic, then they’d have to be made larger. Also consider the angles at which it is possible to enter a doorway. A rectangular door mat may allow people to avoid the mat completely because people may be able to enter the doorway at an angle. Perhaps you can consider a circular door mat just to be really creative, however that isn’t the only way.

Simply make the door mat wide enough so that it cannot be stepped over, and deep enough so that those who enter the doorway must step on it at least once.

Will the door mat keep dirt out?

In stepping over the doormat your shoes should be satisfactorily cleaned so that not to pass dirt from outside to inside the door zones. Well, that’s the theory at least. To answer this question you need to consider the duty of the door mat. A mat that’ll wear down quickly, and is hard to clean, may make things worse and not better. It’ll simply accumulate more and more dirt and grime. A door mat designed for heavy duty and high traffic areas will last longer. Its fibres or surface will be able to remove more dirt and most importantly it would be easy to clean on a frequent basis.

Will the door mat keep moisture out?

Not all door mats are designed to keep moisture out. Safety on tiled floors may be important and, to help prevent slips, you may consider door mats with high moisture control. Don’t forget to consider the situation outside the door and what it’d be like as this environment changes. For example you may need to accommodate for mud, dust or contaminants at different times of the day or year.

What about an ‘indoor’ door mat?

An indoor or indoor-outdoor door mat is more frequently known as an entry or entrance mat. Entrance mats for home environment are typically made of softer carpet and never protrude outside the doorway. For commercial environments an entrance mat is something grander. They can typically be custom made of heavy duty vinyl backed material*, though they can be more than that. Consider a two stage shoe clean approach: The first door mat removes the harsher dirt and grime, while the second mat is provided not only for optimal cleanliness and safety but for design, branding, look and feel.

Will the door mat cause someone to trip over?

Door mats are a safety tool, so you’d want to avoid them becoming a trip hazard. Consider mat edging that’ll not be bumped over by the feet.

Rubber backed door mats are typically heavy underneath and provide some slip resistance. If a door mat is too small, too thin or made of a material that is too light then it risks being blown or kicked around. Consider door mats that are recessed or permanently fixed to the floor such as architectural matting.

Mat World

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* Note: Vinyl backed mats have replaced rubber backed mats in recent years as they are less expensive and less likely to leave a stain or mark on the floor – however we do have many products in our range so please feel free to send us your enquiry should you have any questions.