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  6. Company history

    Our story     Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. It was set-up more than 30 years ago as…

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    Umbrella Bagger EOFY Promotion

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  9. Umbrella Bagger EOFY Promotion

    Slip and fall accidents occur in all sorts of places, but most commonly in public spaces such as shopping centres, retail outlets, offices and apartment buildings.…

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  11. Natural Standing Desk Mat

    Standing Desk Mats

    Standing desk mats are extremely stable and supportive. Made from slow-rebound memory Polyvinyl foam, with two great finishes matching many different interiors. Anti Fatigue mats…

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  12. The health benefits of using standings desks and standing desk mats – can you really afford to stay seated?

    The Australian Department of Health’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines says Australians need to limit their sedentary behaviour to improve their health and well-being.…

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  13. Clients

    Across all industries, from small businesses to some of Australia’s biggest companies, we’ve got your flooring needs covered. Mat World is proud to work with…

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  14. Bollard Safety Sign

    When customer safety is paramount in high traffic areas, the Mat World Bollard Safety Signs exhibit outstanding cautionary message performance. Re-usable product, store until required…

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  15. Slim Line Stainless Steel A Frame

    Stainless Steel AFrame

    You get an appealing, upmarket Stainless Steel Sign Imprinted on a brushed stainless steel panel set in a polished tubular frame A stainless chain limiter…

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  16. Large Common Area Rubbish Bins (120L)

    This is a silver 120L rubbish bin designed for commercial use in common areas complete with internal garbage bag retainer. The top has a 185cm…

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  17. Common Area Rubbish Bins (75L)

    This is a 75L rubbish bin designed for commercial use in common areas complete with internal steel liner. The silver dome top has a 15cm…

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  18. Rope Barriers

    Quality and traditional rope barriers are iconic and prestigious in their look and feel, and also  have a wide range of uses. Rope barriers are…

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  19. Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers

    This is a wall mounted retractable barrier with receiver. It is a variant of the retractable barrier poles with retractable belts. These are used for…

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  20. Retractable Barriers

    Retractable barriers with retractable belts used for queue management as well as crowd separations at events. A wall mounted retractable barrier is also available.

  21. Choosing the best Standing Desk Mat for you - Mat World

    Best Standing Desk Mats (For You)

    When searching the internet to find the best standing desk mats, most of what’s on offer is quite bland, tiny and may not be cost…

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  22. Digitally Printed Custom Logo Mats

    With the widest range of colours and shades available, Mat World offers great detail and deep rich colour printing for mats with your design or…

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  23. Laser Cut Matting

    Laser cut insert logo mats are the most durable type of common logo mats. They are formed by cutting existing coloured matting material of various…

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  24. Waterhorse

    A medium traffic mat that is smaller and similar to the high traffic Kleensorb mat, the Waterhorse mat comes in standard sizes and various colours.…

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  25. Commercial kitchens, bars – floor matting and safety

    There are several things to look at when considering the safety of your kitchen staff or bar tenders. Firstly the work area is nearly always…

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  26. Wet Star Wet Area Matting for Commercial or Public areas. Pools, Showers, Locker Rooms, Baths.

    Wet Star Wet Floor Matting

    A raised matting runner suitable for industrial, public and commercial wet areas such as pools, showers, locker rooms and at large bath areas. PVC moulded…

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  27. Mat World Bamboo Chair Mat for Hard Floors, for Wood Floors.

    Bamboo Under-Desk Chair Mats

    The bamboo under-desk chair mats can be used in offices and are suitable for hard or wood floors. With an attractive wood textured design, they…

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  28. Floor TacTiles Yellow


    Adhesive indoor or outdoor floor tiles used to indicate the need for caution not only visually but also by the visually impaired. Designed as a…

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  29. Safety Anti-Slip Mat

    Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of occupational accidents by employees. Reduce the likelihood of accidents by installing the Traction Grit Mat.…

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  30. Mat World Grit Black/Yellow Safety Tape Prevents Slips

    Safety Track Safety Tape

    Prevent slips on steps, ramps, walkways with the Safety Track Safety Tape. Also use on equipment and on floors, wherever a slip problem could occur.…

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  31. Mat World Stair Nosing Luminous Nosing Glow Example

    Stair Nosing

    Stair Nosing is used on internal or external stairs or steps to ensure superior foot purchase to help prevent slips and stumbles. Lumin Model: Aluminium…

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  32. Insertion Rubber Matting and Nautral Rubber Mat Rolls are available at Mat World

    Rubber Rolls

    Various types of industrial rubber sheeting suitable for floor matting and other purposes. It is available in several variants including Insertion Matting and Natural Rubber…

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  33. Sound Deadening Rubber - Mat World

    Sound-Deadening Acoustic Rubber Matting

    Acoustic Rubber Matting is suitable in areas that require high compressive abilities, such as tiling, timber flooring installations, in residential and commercial buildings. It also…

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  34. Rolls of Gym Mating Roll Available at Mat World

    Gym Mats

    High Density, High Impact Tightly Bonded Natural Rubber Commercial Grade Gym Mats that are available in; 1m squares @ 15mm thickness, or rolls in 1m…

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  35. kitchenGuard Kitchen Mats - Mat World

    KitchenGuard Commercial Kitchen Mats & Runner

    KitchenGuard is used to make the ideal commercial mats or runner for large commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. Available in 9m rolls it is…

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  36. Mat World 'Jigsaw' Interlocking Tiles in Various Colours

    Mat World Jigsaw Interlocking Vinyl Tile Matting

    Jigsaw Interlocking Vinyl Tiles is made of extremely durable and resilient hard vinyl. They are also available in appealing colours to suit their application and…

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  37. Mat World Carpet Tiles

    Carpet Tiles

    Commercial Grade carpet tiles come in many colours and designs. Made from Nylon/Polypropylene with PVC backing. They stay flat on floor under most conditions. Suited…

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  38. Mat World Marble Plush Carpet Mats PVC Backed - Colours

    Marble Plush Pile Mats

    Carpet matting featuring a marble pattern suited to entrances of shopping centres, public buildings, office blocks, banks, hospitals and airports. Attractive carpet-face with flecked appearance.…

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  39. Elegance, quality very heavy duty mats

    Elegance – Mat World Very Heavy Duty Cut Pile

    FOR THE QUALITY MARKET Very Heavy Duty Cut Pile, tufted polyamide carpeting bonded to PVC backing. Available in rolls 2 meters wide x 25 meters…

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  40. Best standing desk mats

    We offer a wide range of standing desk mats that are suitable for your standing desk, and for the best anti-fatigue mat you may want…

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  41. 5 Things to Consider in Choosing Door Mats

    When entering a building we often don’t take notice of a very important object beneath our feet. The door mat (less frequently written as doormat)…

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  42. softfoot anti fatigue mat by Mat World

    Remember Anti Fatigue Mats with your Standing Desk

    We love the concept of standing desks. Staying seated, in recent times, has been compared to other bad health habits. No doubt there will be…

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  43. Custom Mats

    Most of our floor mats and matting can be custom made to specific requirements. We welcome enquiries about custom floor mats and matting. Custom Door…

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    Custom door mats are essential in high traffic commercial environments. As a cleaner or janitor you want mats that are easy to clean and large…

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    Safety regulations in Australia may often suggest that workplaces consider rubber matting as a means of accident prevention and as part of the usual workplace…

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    The major reason for the breakdown or degrading of mats in commercial kitchens is the rubber mats themselves. Too often rubber mats are sold into…

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    [ Errol Goldberg, Managing Director, Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd ] The introduction of new, far more onerous, Occupational Health regulations has placed anti-fatigue…

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    Diamond Foam is part of the comprehensive range of anti-fatigue mats available from Mat World. Comprising a resilient, closed-cell vinyl foam, the difference with Diamond…

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    For many years now, Mat World, the matting division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co, has included in their range a mat sometimes referred to as…

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  50. Electrical Insulating Mat Meets Australian Standard

    The new Electrical Insulating Mat from Mat World now indicates that this mat meets the Australian Standard. Previously Mat World’s Corrugated Switchboard rubber insulating mat…

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  51. XL Matting – a Cut Above the Rest

    Industrial anti-fatigue matting needs to have special characteristics if it is to do its job well. XL Matting, a laminated foam mat consisting of a…

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    Made to Mat World’s specification and to their own design, the new S-Mat has a multitude of advantages over other mats currently available. It was…

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    The constant demand for a quality “Welcome” entrance mat has resulted in Pall Mall manufacturing adding such a mat to their vast Mat World commercial…

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  54. Mats and Matting (Archive)


    The latest version of Mat World’s Diamond Plate Mat is the “Gel”. With a softer yet more resilient foam than ever before, Diamond Plate “Gel”…

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  56. Dry area Mats (Archive)

  57. Anti Fatigue Mat, Fatigue Mats

    There are benefits to an anti fatigue mat and their use is mentioned in OHS/WHS risk prevention strategies. It is not surprising that they have…

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  58. Specialised Safety Floor Mats and Accessories (Archive)

    Mat World is a major supplier of safety floor mats and accessories. Related to our anti fatigue mats, safety mats have grown in importance and…

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  59. Logo Mats (Archive)

    Mat World Logo Mats and Matting are available in a variety of styles using varying processes. To determine which is most suitable to your needs,…

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  60. Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting

    Anti-fatigue matting is beneficial. Prolonged standing on hard surfaces can lead to long-term circulatory problems including varicose veins resulting in pain and suffering. Long periods…

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  61. Rubber Matting – Mat World (Archive)

    With Australia’s largest range of custom floor mats, we respect the quality of our rubber matting. Our commercial and industrial range of rubber mats has…

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  62. Door Mats, Entrance Mats and Mattings, Custom Door Mats – Mat World (Archive)

    Mat World has Australia’s largest range of custom floor mats, and part of this range is the door mats. These mats are available for both…

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  63. How to Maintain newly installed Mats

    Mats supplied by Mat World are all made using first-class materials. Among the many features of these mats are their slip-resistance or non-slip nature. Great…

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  64. Umbrella Bagger Brushed Stainless Steel

    Umbrella Bagger

    Our umbrella bagger machine allows you place your wet umbrealla inside a bag quickly and effectively. We also have a dedicated website that allows you…

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  65. Cord Cover – Hard

    The Cord Cover (Hard Floors) is suitable for covering cables and cords that traverse hard floors such as wooden floor boards or tiled surfaces etc.…

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  66. Cord Cover – Carpet

    The Cord Cover (Carpet) protects electrical leads where they run across carpets and has the very important benefit of preventing trips and stumbles. Too often…

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  67. Switchboard Mat

    The Corrugated Switch Board Insulating Mat reduces the risk of electrical shock in environments with high voltage electric current. Composed of 6.5mm thick, solid rubber…

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  68. Spark Safe Pyramid Welding Mat

    The Spark Safe Welding Mat is designed specifically for use in welding areas, the thick surface expertly repels sparks and hot metal shards. It offers…

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  69. StatKing Static Disipating Anti Fatigue Mat - Mat World

    Static Dissipating

    The StatKing Static Dissipating Mat allows the use of a special grounding cord which clips to the mat and is attached to an earth point…

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  70. Chairmats

    The Under-desk Chairmat enables you to move your chair with ease. It saves wear and tear on carpets and prevents carpet pile from being gathered…

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  71. Knee Eese Kneeling Mat for Tradespeople - Mat World

    Knee Ease

    The Knee Ease Kneeling Mat is perfect for tradespeople, telecommunications engineers or the home handyman – anyone who needs to kneel. It is made from…

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  72. Mat World Scraper Mat


    The Scraper Fruit and Vegetable Mat is ideal for use in supermarket fruit and veg displays and produce stores. Composed of fortified vinyl loop-pile carpeting…

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  73. Rubber Mats for Horses - Horse Mats

    Horse Stall Mats and Rubber Mats for Gyms

    Horse Stall Mats A rubber floor matting for horses, cattle and live stock, these are the heavy duty stall mats designed and built with heavy…

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    Showing, once again, their leadership in matting, Mat World has made their Safewalk rubber industrial anti-fatigue mat available at under $60, superb value for a…

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  75. Choosing the right Entrance Matting Needs Knowledge

    It is generally accepted that there is a marked difference between domestic and commercial carpeting. To no less an extent is there a considerable difference…

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  76. Privacy Statement

    This web site is owned and operated by Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty Ltd and will be referred to as “We”, “our” and “us” in…

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  77. Terms and Conditions

    Credit: The extension of credit is solely at our discretion. We require our Credit Application Form to be completed. The Terms and Conditions indicated on that…

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  78. Small Logo Mat

    Small Logo Mats (Nylon Plush Pile) are a fantastic feature for any business or organisation that wishes to emphasise their logo on matting. They’re also…

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  79. Wayfarer Unbacked

    The Wayfarer unbacked is made of vinyl loops and it is very resilient and extremely comfortable to walk on. Constructed in a random mesh, the…

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  80. Cleanstep Sticky Mat

    The Cleanstep sticky mats is a disposable and adhesive dirt stopper. It is suitable for maintaining sterile and dust free areas such as operating theatres,…

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  81. Mini Mats

    The Mini Mats is Bi-level carpet face bounded to a vinyl backing. Traps dirt and water. Washes clean easily and dries quickly. Available in three…

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  82. Fingertip

    The Fingertip Rubber Industrial Mat is a perfect choice for external entrances. The flexible rubber fingers scrape off and trap dirt on shoes preventing damage…

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  83. Wayfarer Backed

    The Wayfarer Entrance Mat is a vinyl loop mat available in both backed and unbacked styles. The vinyl loops are very resilient and extremely comfortable…

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  84. Coir Matting

    The Coir Matting is made from natural coco fibre with excellent scraping properties. The fibre is bonded to heavy duty PVC backing and is best…

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  85. Designa Vinyl Archietctural Mat

    The Designa Vinyl Architectural mats are perfect for architectural specification. Based on a plastic frame with carpet-faced matting insert strips, Designa Mats are much lighter…

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  86. Mat World Carpet and AliBrush Combination Architectural Mat Insert for Aluminium Mats

    Aluminium Architectural Mat

    The Aluminium Architectural mats are perfect fixtures for architectural specification and highly favoured by architects for corporate building specs. Based on clear anodised aluminium sections…

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  87. Super Chevron

    The Super Chevron Mat is an entrance mat that is ideal for high traffic entrances in shopping centres and offices. The Super Chevron has a…

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  88. Waterhorse Diamond Premium Entrance Mat

    The Waterhorse Diamond Premium entrance mat has a contemporary design coupled with an extremely hard wearing polypropylene top surface. It features reinforced raised moulded nibs…

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  89. Super Brush

    The Super Brush Very High Traffic Entrance Mat features a bi-level design that brushes dirt off shoes. Made from heavy duty 34oz carpet fibre weight,…

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  90. Stripe Heavy Duty Entrance Mat

    The Stripe Heavy Duty Entrance Mat features heavy 41oz fibre weight which takes punishing traffic yet keeps looking fresh. A highly attractive diagonal stripe design…

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  91. Hydrasorb High Traffic Entrance Mat

    The Hydrasorb High Traffic Entrance Mat is made from heavy duty 59oz carpet fibre and is up to three times the weight of other mats,…

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  92. Heron Air

    The Heron Air Welded Strip Mat is made as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars which aids anti-fatigue properties. The…

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  93. Vynagrip Mat

    The Vynagrip Welded Strip Mat is made as an open grid design of solid, square profile, with the PVC rods allowing spills and debris to…

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  94. Vynalite Tube

    The Vynalite Tube Welded Strip Mat is made from PVC tubes welded into a grid. It is light weight and easy to roll-up and move.…

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  95. softfoot anti fatigue mat by Mat World

    Soft Foot

    With greater resilience and dramatically enhanced wear resistance, Soft Foot is an amazing anti-fatigue mat. The gentle-to-the-feet foam is covered with a tough pebble-patterned, grey…

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  96. S Mat

    S Mat Anti-fatigue Black Industrial Mat is made from a unique foam plastic composition for superb foot relief in industrial and commercial applications. Oil and…

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  97. E-Z Step

    The E-Z Step Anti-fatigue Mat is a unique, moulded foam mat. The expanded vinyl foam composition provides durable anti-fatigue qualities and increases productivity by ensuring…

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  98. Diamond Foam

    The Diamond Foam Black with Yellow Edge is comprised of a resilient closed-cell vinyl foam the diamond plate-style top surface of this mat ensures a…

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  99. Tile Top Mat

    The Tile Top Anti-fatigue Mat is comprised of a smooth marblized vinyl surface with a foam backing, which offers an attractive and easy to clean…

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  100. Comfy Rib

    Comfy Rib ‘Premier’, with its 12mm thick foam base provides both anti-fatigue as well as substantial insulation. The top surface of 2mm thick ribbed, pure…

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  101. Diamond Plate Gel Mat

    The Diamond Plate Gel Anti-fatigue Mat is suited to industrial areas where mats must focus on both safety and foot comfort. The Diamond Plate Gel…

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  102. Diamond Plate Classic

    The Diamond Plate Classic Anti-fatigue Mat is suited to industrial areas where mats must focus on both safety and foot comfort. The Diamond Plate Classic…

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  103. XL Mat

    XL Mat has attributes of Diamond Plate and contains tough vinyl top surface bonded to a substantial foam under-surface. It is black with yellow borders…

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  104. Bubble Mat

    Bubble Mat Anti-Fatigue Matting addresses issues concerning foot, leg and back fatigue. The mat surface consists of series of miniature, ball-like, moulded rubber cups, ensures…

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  105. Safewalk Economy

    The Safewalk Anti-fatigue Mat is a rubber mat that has many of the virtues of much more expensive mats yet is available at a very…

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  106. Cushion Foot – Solid

    Cushion Foot – Solid Mat has a plain surface. Many mats have featured drainage holes throughout the mat to channel falling liquids. However, In some…

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  107. Cushion Foot – Black

    The Cushion Foot Black Mat is an all purpose mat which features drainage holes throughout the mat to channel falling liquids. Made of grease resistant…

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  108. U Mat Runner

    The U-Mat Runner is a light-weight drainage mat with a low profile and one-piece construction. It offers fatigue relief with a low profile which reduces…

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  109. Cushion Foot – Red

    The Cushion Foot Red Kitchen Mat is an all purpose mat which features drainage holes throughout the mat to channel falling liquids. Made of highly…

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  110. Soft ‘n Safe Mat

    Soft ‘n Safe Anti-fatigue Mat has been specifically designed for food preparation areas. With a 100% nitrile rubber content the mat offers superior oil and…

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  111. Contact us

    We’d love to hear from you! Fill in the below form for a speedy response, or if it’s urgent call one our friendly mat specialists…

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  112. About

    Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. It was set-up more than thirty years ago as a specialist commercial and…

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  113. Information

  114. Support

    WE’RE THE TROUBLESHOOTERS! Many problems in a work or building environment can be solved with mats. But determining which mat to use to solve the…

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  115. Mats & Floor Safety Products

    Mat World is the largest supplier of commercial and custom mats in Australia. We believe that quality matters to our customers. That’s why aesthetics, design,…

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  116. FAQ

    Read frequently asked questions by Our clients and make informative decisions before installing new mats in your building      

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