Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. It was set-up more than thirty years ago as a specialist commercial and industrial mats and matting supplier. It began by being an importer of just two products at that time. Mat World now prides itself on having a large distribution network with real locations in most mainland Australian States. In recent years, Mat World has grown into an iconic and innovative brand for specialised matting and custom commercial floor safety products.

Mat World has the widest range of entrance mats (commonly known as commercial door mats) in Australia as well as a large range of Anti Fatigue Mats for industrial and office applications. The entry mats are designed to cover most types of entry traffic environments and are used in major shopping centres in Australia.

Entrance Mat Strand Arcade

Entrance Mat Strand Arcade

Mats can be made at the Mat World premises as required and to custom size. These mats include; aluminium architectural entrance mats (inc. embedded or recessed mats), rubber mats that cover food handling and processing areas, electrical insulating mats, rubber runners or interlocking tiles for behind the bar counters, mats that are cut to size for ute trays or boats, as well as single workstation mats (commonly known as standing mats). The range of anti-fatigue and safety mats, when set apart from the rubber mats, is very vast. They are designed for the prevention of long-term circulatory problems which can result in painful physical fatigue in; legs, knees, back, shoulders and neck. This includes fatigue derived from standing on hard floors such as concrete or tiles for long periods of time.



In addition Mat World has many special purpose mats available, such as; pool and wet area matting, mats for clean rooms and dust-free environments, under-desk chair mats, fruit and vegetable mats for supermarkets, kneeling mats and so much more.

Scraper Mat

Scraper Mat

Mat World also has specialised equipment to make unique insert logo mats – for that personalised and branded feel. Our logo mats are used at many major and high end retail outlets.

Mat World has sales offices and warehouses in every mainland state, as well as distributors right around Australia. It is uniquely geared to provide service above and beyond the rest. Logo mats, for example, can be supplied within days of approval of art work. Also, custom entrance mats can generally be made to size and installed in floor recesses – within a matter of days from acceptance of quote. Every branch has a mat specialist on board, and they help to advise on the best mats to use in any particular environment. There are no strings attached and no obligation where such advice is offered.



Mat World sources their matting material from around the world with the focus, in all instances, being on commercial grade top quality products. There is an understanding at Mat World that commercial and industrial matting needs to be available for long-term use under, often, heavy traffic conditions. Consequently Mat World mats can be trusted to cope with such conditions at all times.

With over thirty years of experience and a highly prized reputation, Mat World is in a unique position not readily matched in the market.


Whether you need a small mat for your front door or a giant mat for the entrance to a shopping centre; whether it is an anti-fatigue mat for a single workstation or a 50m long production line – Mat World, Australia’s major mat specialist, can usually provide it. Try us and see for yourself.


We are partnered with Glomesh in order to provide Mat World products in New Zealand.



All mats supplied by Mat World are provided by the manufacturers to be free of any manufacturing defects. Except if made-to-measure, any mat which is not to your satisfaction or is in any way defective should be returned in its original packing within 30 days for a full refund or replacement (excluding delivery). Prior to return; phone us for a Return Authorisation Number and instructions. No returned goods will be accepted without a Return Authorisation Number. Made-to-measure mat return is accepted only for manufacturing defects.