We offer a wide range of standing desk mats that are suitable for your standing desk, and for the best anti-fatigue mat you may want to look at several considerations;

  1. How hard is the floor underneath?
    If it is unsurfaced concrete or hard tiles, then you may consider a thicker or softer anti fatigue mat. If it is a carpeted area you may consider something a little thinner or firmer. Thickness and firmness may also be a personal preference also.
  2. Is it large enough?
    Most standing desk mats on the market are quite small in length and width. You may want to consider how you would be moving around near your desks. If you find that you’re most comfortable moving around in a larger area surrounding your desk — then by all means ask us about our custom sized anti fatigue matting.
  3. Do you also need to place a chair, stool or rolling wheels over it?
    If you find that you do need to do this, it’s best to contact us so that we can help you with your selection of the best standing desk mat for the job.

We also have more information on getting help to choose the best standing desk mat based on your requirements.

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