When searching the internet to find the best standing desk mats, most of what’s on offer is quite bland, tiny and may not be cost effective for the size – or worse may lead standing desk users to abandon standing desks. Let’s face the reality that there isn’t a one-type-fits-all when it comes to selecting the best standing desk mat that is available. In Australia, we’re a little ahead of the rest. As the largest supplier of such matting products in Australia, Mat World has a few tips to help customers understand the standing desk mats.

Select the standing desk mats based on your environment

Choosing the best Standing Desk Mat for you - Mat WorldConsider the work area when selecting the best standing desk mats. A concrete floor may require a thicker mat, a carpeted area may require a thinner and firmer mat. The opposite may even be the case in other circumstances. A hard tiled floor may require anti-slip under-lining so that it does not become a hazard. Not all work areas are traditional-office based. Is the work area likely to get wet? Does it have lots of foot traffic around the mat? These are some of the many varying considerations. Feel free to ask us about your requirements.

Select the standing desk mats based on your work

You may want to consider things like insulating properties in electricity, the type of shoes that are worn in the work environment, or alternatively the possibility of using it with bare feet or socks. Ask yourself questions like: Is it for a desk where the user will both sit and stand? Do you intend to use the mat for long periods during the day? Is it a standing desk intended for mobile staff? Are you interested in moving around on the mat? Will there also be a chair?

Using a chair with your standing desk

If you’re using a chair, you may want to consider how the chair will affect the mats underneath. You may not want a soft mat as a standing desk mat if you’re going to place a chair on top. It may damage the surface or cause issues in being able to move the chair around. A harder standing desk mat is likely to be more suitable in that situation. We’re constantly innovating in this space. As an example, you may want to place exercise equipment on top of the mat, and we have available alternative products to produce the standing desk mat. These include our range of dense rubber matting that can accommodate heavy equipment. Alternatively there are innovations in sit and stand desk chairs that are making their way onto the market to resolve this known issue, where the chair base sits off of the edge of the mat, allowing the best of both worlds.

Again the possibilities are endless here and it is a continuously improving space, and we have people to assist you, so feel free to open up a conversation.

Make sure your standing desk mat is large enough

Many of the standing desk mats on the market are quite small. Some are claimed to be the best on the market, yet ironically they are only large enough to accommodate your feet when they are a few centimeters apart, restricting movement. Some are also far too thick at the same time. Ask yourself questions like: Do you want to move around on your standing desk, or do expect to be standing in one tiny spot? Do you want to do exercise at the same time and while standing at your standing desk? Do you want to avoid tripping on your standing desk mat?

For aesthetics, Mat World is even capable of producing some of its standing desk mats into long runners. These are perfect for long pods of standing desks positioned linearly.


Are you likely to abandon using the mat all together? Abandoning the use of the standing desk mat may demotivate some people from continued standing desk mat use. This is especially the case for some users who quickly become fatigued. Here are some other helpful tips for standing desk users.

Mat World has been supplying anti fatigue mats in Australia for decades. As well as identifying the matting needs of standing desks, Mat World is among the earliest innovators in the product line.