There are several things to look at when considering the safety of your kitchen staff or bar tenders. Firstly the work area is nearly always subject to getting wet. Moisture is not the only factor. Oils, foods, drinks, and even ice can make it to the floor and cause risk of slips. Not all mats are the same, and the composition of some mats will begin to break down when certain things like oil are applied to their surface. When a mat begins to break down, or is not well maintained, it will eventually fail to lower the risk of slips and trips. Anti-slip surfacing alone may not always solve all the issues. Imagine food grease, oils or ice on the floor as an example. As for maintenance, it has to be easy to maintain and clean. Nitrile mats are resistant to oily and fatty environments. They are also soft on the feet. We have talked about the composition of nitrile mats and how a lower composition of nitrile in a nitrile mat doesn’t really put it in the same category. To truly make a difference, we recommend customers looking to install mats in commercial kitchens and bars, use high quality and 99-100% nitrile matting.

Soft n Safe Nitrile Mat Quality Detail

Exceptional quality of our nitrile mat for commercial kitchens and bars

One of the most popular products that Mat World offers to commercial kitchens and bars is the Soft n Safe mat. As a nitrile mat, it is moulded in a high quality way and so that the detailed rough surface and astute edges in the moulded pattern prevent slips. They also come in two options; with drainer holes or in a solid pattern design – depending on your needs. Their surface is detailed and it is recognisable for its quality.  The mats are soft with anti-fatigue properties also. They are also a low profile with ramped edging. This means that the mat itself is minimally hazardous to trips as it both, hugs the floor and the edges are unlikely to stick up. This mat also works better most non-slip surfacing. The gaps between the tread pattern is wide enough to accommodate holding solids and this makes cleaning easier as it would minimise build up over prolonged use. In short it makes for a good mat for commercial kitchens and bars, that’s why it’s popular in our range. Remember it’s always wise to consider your needs as not all environments are the same. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us today and contact us.