Soft n Safe Kitchen Mats The major reason for the breakdown or degrading of mats in commercial kitchens is the rubber mats themselves.

Too often rubber mats are sold into kitchens that are nowhere near the specification that is essential if the rubber mats are to last in the difficult environment that is a kitchen.

The problem is that however good extraction systems may be, there is always a degree of fats and oils in the atmosphere and this ultimately settles on horizontal surfaces. And this includes the floor and the mats. In addition, in every kitchen there are inevitable spills which add to the problem.

If the rubber mats are not made of a material which will withstand the oils and the fats then they break down very quickly. Ordinary (natural) rubber mats fall into this category. They simply do not resist fats and start to degrade within 6 to 9 months. In fact, even without the presence of oils, ordinary rubber mats start to oxidise very quickly and this can often be seen in the hardening, crazing and crumbling of the mat material.

The answer lies in rubber mats that are made of a high percentage of Nitrile rubber. This is a synthetic material which has excellent resistance to oils, fats and greases. The higher the percentage of Nitrile in the rubber mat the longer its life expectancy.

Soft n Safe rubber mats from Mat World, long the leader in industrial mats and matting in Australia, are made of high percentage Nitrile. While the very high Nitrile content the Soft n Safe rubber mat is the best answer in a kitchen and carries a 5 year warranty against grease breakdown, even the black Soft n Safe rubber mat is still far superior in its life expectancy than ordinary rubber mats.

Unfortunately there are rubber mat manufacturers who claim that they provide Nitrile rubber mats when the percentage is extremely low and the rubber mat is, to all intents, an ordinary rubber mat with the qualities of an ordinary rubber mat. Nitrile is a more expensive material than ordinary rubber and the high Nitrile rubber mat consequently tends to be more expensive. However, when a high quality Nitrile rubber mat has a life of five to eight times that of another cheap rubber mat, the price should be seen to be a bit more then the cheap rubber mats available but at the same time, great value for money!

Soft n Safe rubber mats have large drainage holes which are raised off the floor to give excellent drainage and are soft and most resilient to give exquisite foot relief.

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