Custom door mats are essential in high traffic commercial environments. As a cleaner or janitor you want mats that are easy to clean and large enough to capture a mess. As a property manager you want the mats to be easy to maintain, safe and help prevent slips and trips. As a building architect or fitting specialist you may have long term aesthetics and design in mind. As a marketing professional you may want your brand to be evident in the mat somehow.

The more you become involved in mats the more the realisation that the quality of an entrance mat is a matter of considerable importance both to the ultimate purchaser and also to those in the supply chain.

Commercial door mats are unlike their residential counterparts. The traffic that your home mat takes is so minimal, that it doesn’t really make a lot of difference what you use at home. Move into commercial mats in high traffic areas, and it’s a whole new ball game. In a commercial environment the mat gets such a beating that poor quality tends to quickly show up.

So what makes the difference? Well, people often shy away from speaking about what their mat is and what it can do. When you go to a reputable carpet supplier and installer and want to carpet your office, as opposed to your house, you will invariably be offered commercial grade carpet as opposed to household grade carpet. They would or should explain the difference.

The commercial grade door mat needs to be far denser, with tougher pile that will take higher traffic.


Hydrasorb is very heavy grade matting designed specifically for very high traffic areas where other mats would show fibre wear in a matter of months. At the same time the mat lends itself to easy cleaning with conventional methods and, provided regular maintenance and dirt removal is carried out, will give extremely long use and maintain excellent appearance. In addition, where floor mats are used, as opposed to recessed mats, an extra heavy duty, trolley resistant edging is applied. Rather than simple conventional gluing, the edging is stitched onto the mat to ensure excellent adhesion and far longer life than conventional mat edging.


Generally mats are supplied in standard sizes and few suppliers have the capability to custom make them for you. Fortunately Mat World is one of the leaders in this area.

It is important that the size of a mat is large enough that all people walking into an entrance-way are made to walk over it with several steps. Not all areas will be standard in size or shape and you may consider your own custom requirements such as; how many steps a person would have to take over the mat, and is the entrance area is an unusual architectural shape or design.


For those who are serious about customer experience, Mat World supplies a range of mats for fixed architectural placing such as the Aluminium Mat and the Vinyl Mat. Such mats are typically fixed into or onto floors.


Whatever your requirements feel free to share them with us.