Most of our floor mats and matting can be custom made to specific requirements. We welcome enquiries about custom floor mats and matting.

The truth is, there’s a lot that we can do, and we believe we are best placed in the market to provide custom floor mats. We have real locations in nearly every state, and specialised facilities to fulfil your custom orders.


We have real locations in nearly every state, and specialised facilities to fulfil your custom orders

We take rubber mats seriously. We’re a little obsessed with them actually. That’s why there’s so much capacity to customise floor mats. Through our decades of experience we’ve found that our customers often have important requirements. These requirements are broad ranging and depend on the area of concerns or style. There are some common themes with these that overlap.

Custom Size and Shape

This is the all too common need for a floor mats that are not too big and not too small – a mat that can be shaped to fit an area or an architectural design theme.


Not only custom size but with a particular area of safety in mind? We recognise that risk prevention strategies are important to your (OHS/WHS) work safe strategies. This is a very broad topic and we work closely with our customer’s recommendations. Safety topics may include; slips and trips, anti fatigue for standing employees in commercial and industrial environments, prevention of electrocution, prevention of fire and injury.


This is where it becomes broad and interesting and where our customers are creative. As well as other requirements, customers may have additional requirements, including but not limited to; grease resistance so the mat does not corrode, bacterial resistance, shock absorption, anti static or static dissipating properties and more.

Brand, Design or Style

Finally, the most important factor: Does it do all the above and look good? Does it fit with the marketing teams’ specification? Does it have the brand or aesthetics in mind?

Don’t be shy, we’ve probably heard it before

When it comes to commercial and custom floor mats and matting; don’t shy away to ask.