The new Electrical Insulating Mat from Mat World now indicates that this mat meets the Australian Standard.

Previously Mat World’s Corrugated Switchboard rubber insulating mat showed by means of an imprint on the underside of the matting that it met the American Standard (ASTM) but the imprint now shows, in addition, its compliance with the Australian Standard. This is unique in electrical insulating mats and a distinct advantage for Corrugated Switchboard mats

This mat is one of a series of mats stocked by Mat World that covers a wide range of Safety and Work Health issues. Mats such as spark resistant welding mats, static dissipating mats for delicate electronic equipment, a full range of different anti fatigue mats for all sorts of applications, grease and oil resistant nitrile rubber mats and many others make the Mat World range one of the most comprehensive for mats in Australia.

Also available is the widest range of commercial entrance mats in Australia and all mats can be custom made to size to fit specific locations. In most cases installation can be included.

Mat World has specialized in commercial and industrial matting for more than thirty years and, through their network of branches in all capital cities, staffed by trained mat specialists, is able to ensure great no-strings, no-obligation advice to ensure the right mat is chosen for the right environment .

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