Safety regulations in Australia may often suggest that workplaces consider rubber matting as a means of accident prevention and as part of the usual workplace risk analyses (e.g.  Victorian WorkCover Checklist). You may find the need to consider your customers, employees, guests, patients, students, visitors etc…

What a better season to consider floor safety, than in winter.

It’s the season of wet weather and many organisations would be rushing to implement prevention measures for slips at the door. High traffic areas such as door-ways, entrances, lobbies and receptions are especially at risk. That’s why we believe it’s important for all organisations to develop their own control strategies to decrease the risks.

Mat World is ready to provide you with the door mat products that you may need. We provide custom door mats and solutions to suit most requirements. We can also provide secured entrance matting solutions such as the architectural matting range; e.g. the Aluminium Mat and the Vinyl Mat. These can typically be fixed into floors so that to help prevent tripping and not only slipping.

Other factors to consider

Finally, shoes and feet probably aren’t the only source of water. People often carry their wet umbrellas into buildings. We believe it’s also important to encourage people to wrap their umbrella using an Umbrella Bagger machine… Yes we do care enough to think of these things.

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