Diamond Foam is part of the comprehensive range of anti-fatigue mats available from Mat World.

Comprising a resilient, closed-cell vinyl foam, the difference with Diamond Foam compared to other foam mats is the diamond plate-style top surface which ensures a particularly good gripping surface underfoot, reducing even further the risk of slips.

In addition Diamond Foam matting has moulded-in yellow borders running down both sides of the full length of the black , 914mm wide mat roll which, together with the beveled structure of the mat edges, adds even further to the safety aspect of the product

Resilience is an important factor in foam mat structure. The resilience or “bounce” of the foam in the anti fatigue mats determines the effectiveness of the matting in relieving foot fatigue


Custom Made Mats to any size

Diamond Foam matting is available in 18.3m rolls or cut to any required mat length. The cut ends of a mat can, additionally, be supplied beveled to reduce the risk of trips and stumbles.

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