Made to Mat World’s specification and to their own design, the new S-Mat has a multitude of advantages over other mats currently available.

It was designed, in the first instance, as a wet area mat, very much with aquatic centres and swim pool complexes in mind. The requirements for such areas is that the water should be channeled away easily, keeping the top walk-on surface as water-free as possible, but it has to also be kind to bare feet. In addition it must provide a slip-resistant surface, be light and easy to lift in large dimension mats and yet be stable enough to stay in position.

Normal draining mats have some but not all of these features. ‘S’-mat covers all of these requirements. Consisting of a series of ‘S’ shaped, moulded nibs it is made of a water-resistant, plastic foam material which, while extremely long-wearing, is particularly pleasant to walk on bare-footed. With deep-moulded narrow gullies between each nib to drain off the water, there is no sense of walking on anything but a soft, gentle-to-the-feet, continuous mat surface.

However, the ‘S’-mat has other qualities which means it can be used for commercial and industrial anti-fatigue purposes. The foam material is oil and grease resistant and produces excellent anti-fatigue qualities in long-standing situations.

Available in a choice of sky blue (favoured by aquatic centres) or black (for industrial environments) the ‘S’-Mat is available in mat runners 1m wide and any length or can be custom made to specific dimensions.

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