For many years now, Mat World, the matting division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co, has included in their range a mat sometimes referred to as a ‘sticky mats’. Named CleanStep and consisting of 60 adhesive coated, disposable sheets, these mats are used particularly in areas where extra high degrees of cleanliness are essential.

Typical areas are at the entrances to clean rooms and operating theatres or even in more robust environments to stop dirt tracking from a workshop or production area onto carpeted areas such as the office or admin environment.

Conventionally the mats are sold in a 75cm x 60cm format but there are many situations where a larger mat is required. And so Mat World have added a 120 x 60cm mat. This can be used longwise to extend the walk-on area where heavy soiling is prevalent or sideways to offer a wider mat to cover a wider entrance.

According to Andrew Goldberg, who heads up the Mat World division, “Adding this extra long CleanStep is in keeping with our policy of covering as many specialist mat needs as possible. In consequence we are constantly looking at niches where specialist mats are needed but not necessarily available.”

The larger 120cm CleanStep has 60 disposable leaves as does the shorter 75cm model..When the first sticky surface becomes fully loaded with dirt, it is simply pulled off and the next leaf exposed. When all 60 leaves have been used a new 60-leaf refill replaces the old unit.

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