Door and Entrance Mats

Mat World has Australia’s largest range of custom floor mats, and part of this range is the door mats. These mats are available for both commercial and residential/home environments. They come in your regular sizes, shapes and designs, and best of all we can make custom door mats in required sizes, shapes, designs.

Customized Door Mats Australia

If you are safety or design conscious we’d also like to hear from you. We can help you design your mats around a particular function or purpose. Whatever the needs; whether it is a doormat with a logo, custom images or an entrance mat with text. You may have something more detailed and specific in mind. You may be considering a particular area of safety or duty. You may require the mats to prescribe a particular function, like dust removal or anti-static qualities.

The range includes, and is not limited to:

Be admired and consider the safety of people at your doors and entrances with Mat World door mats and entrance mats. Our advisers are happy to assist you. Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with all applications of mats and custom matting. We can also work closely with architectural designers, fit out project managers or shop fitters and more.

Looking for something Different? Consider custom mats and custom matting?

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Make a great first impression on people who visit your home/business before they even step inside the building with the best custom designed door mats Australia has to offer.

Custom Door Mats

Mat World offers a range of door mats, both indoor and outdoor mats, in all the regular sizes, shapes and designs. However, our team also relish the challenge of custom designing personalised door mats to meet your specific requirements.

If you’ve got a certain size, shape or design in mind, discuss it with us and our custom door mats team can help make your vision a reality.

Safety first!

Concerned about safety? Indeed front door mats can be a cause for concern as they can be the most prevalent area of slips and falls in a residential home or commercial business.

Personalised Door Mats

Here at Mat World, we’re not just committed to manufacturing doormats in the size, shape or design that you want; we ensure it meets your safety needs and expectations too.

We can design indoor door mats and outdoor matting to meet specific safety applications. Whatever type of outdoor or indoor mats you are purchasing, the Mat World team can incorporate specific functions and qualities like anti-static, anti-slip and/or anti-dust properties into the design.

As the leading specialist provider of doormats in Australia, Mat World offers the most extensive range of door mats you’ll find anywhere in the country.

Our door mat products include:

  • Front door mat

Mat World offer both standard and custom designed front door mats for commercial businesses and residential homes. Making a great first impression and offering many other benefits, our selection of front door mats come in lots of different sizes and styles so you’re sure to find something that suits.

  • Personalised door mat

If you don’t find what you’re looking for and you want a customised door mat with a specific image, logo or piece of text, our team can take any commercial logo, image, creative idea or copy and incorporate it into the design of your own personalised door mats.

  • Aluminium door mats

Our Aluminium Architectural door mats are the perfect choice for hardware stores, farm supply stores, garages and other commercial premises where foot traffic is high and potential customers may be dragging in rubble from working in construction, on farms or with cars.

  • Entrance mats

Establish your brand perception the minute a customer walks through the door with custom entrance mats from Mat World. We can custom design entrance mats for every type of commercial environment and add logos, image or text of your choice.

Whatever your requirements for indoor and outdoor door mats are, Mat World can always deliver.

As the leading supplier of personalised door mats Australia has to offer, we won’t be beaten on style, service and design. We’ve been the leading specialist provider of industrial mats and matting for more than 30 years.

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