Commercial Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are designed to cover every type commercial of entry traffic and environment. From super heavy duty to extra large. Our custom entrance mats are made on Mat Worlds’ specialised premises, and to custom shapes and sizes. Read More…

The typical door and floor mats that you find in homeware stores simply won’t cut it for commercial premises. They’re simply not equipped to withstand the high level of traffic a commercial business encounters day in and day out.

They will wear quickly and tarnish the perception and appearance of your business premises. What’s the solution? Durable, high quality commercial door mats and commercial floor mats from Mat World.

We’re Australia’s leading supplier of commercial mats and we’ve been in this industry for over 30 years now.

Our extensive range of commercial mats and flooring includes:

Commercial rubber flooring

Our commercial rubber mats are ideal for outdoor entrances where there is a high volume of traffic and weather resistance is an important consideration. The mats effectively remove and trap dirt and, in turn, they protect internal flooring.

We can custom design commercial rubber mats and flooring to meet any specific size, shape or design. We can even add your logo to your flooring too.

Commercial gym flooring

High performance gyms require high performance commercial gym flooring. We can provide custom commercial gym mats and flooring for any area of your gym – from the dressing rooms and exercise studios to the running areas and free weights spaces.

To complement your business image, we can customise your gym mats and flooring with your business logo and motto. We can satisfy all your style and safety requirements.

Commercial entrance mats

With our all-weather entry mats, commercial grade floor protection is guaranteed. As the leading entrance mats commercial grade suppliers, we can custom design a commercial door mat that ensures superior resilience and durability.

From vinyl commercial entry mats and digitally printed custom logo mats to laser cut matting and more, we’ll help you make a great first impression on your customers.

Commercial kitchen rubber flooring

Mat World commercial kitchen floor mats are the perfect choice for fast paced kitchen environments. Slip resistant to ensure the safety of staff and providing excellent anti-fatigue properties to ensure employee comfort, our commercial kitchen rubber mats are thoroughly ergonomic.

They are specially designed to resist many fats, grease, oils and chemicals that are typically used in commercial kitchens.

Commercial grade carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are an excellent choice of flooring for any commercial environment. Available in a vast selection of styles and colours, our commercial carpet tiles are very easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot fall while maintaining a fresh appearance.

They are a very popular choice for commercial office spaces too as they offer a modern, funky look.

For high quality commercial floor mats and flooring, trust the specialist provider with over 30 years’ experience in the business – that’s us, Mat World! Contact our expert team today for advice and assistance with choosing the best commercial floor mats to meet your business needs. Hide Content

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