Recessed Architectural Mats

Recessed mats are typically used in architectural design, residential design and construction. Featuring the flagship aluminium treads all the way to carpet based and coir recessed matting. Typically these types of mats are planned during the design phase of a fit-out or construction; however it is common to cut recesses for existing entrance matting long after the design and construction of a building and interiors. A mat recess is a space that is cut or created in to the floor so that mats and matting can sit inside, creating a seamless or semi-flush feel to the floor level. Additionally, most of our recessed and architectural matting can be made to suit surface installation that does do require a recess — this is done by creating suitable edging based on requirements.

If you’re keen to be creative, you can ask us about our mats that allow you to create images, advertising or to display logos on the floor.

It is important to contact us with your requirements as the possibilities are broad.