The latest version of Mat World’s Diamond Plate Mat is the “Gel”. With a softer yet more resilient foam than ever before, Diamond Plate “Gel” mats offer enhanced foot comfort in long-standing industrial applications.

The mat’s tough, durable, yellow-bordered diamond plate-design top surface, at 4mm thick, ensures  resistance to wear in the toughest environments.

In addition, Diamond Plate “Gel” mats continue the Mat World tradition of adding, at no extra charge, a special  bonded-on, slip resistant backing which helps to prevent mat movement, even on smooth or polished concrete or similar surfaces where other mats may move and cause slips..

But it is the 12mm thick, buoyant “Gel” foam that makes such a marked difference to  the foot comfort of these mats. This is truly an anti-fatigue mat beyond any such mat previously available.  And, while  it is available in a multitude of regular mat sizes,  it can also be custom made to any required size.

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