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Mat World has Australia’s largest range of custom floor mats, and part of this range is the door mats. These mats are available for both commercial and residential/home environments. They come in your regular sizes, shapes and designs, and best of all we can make custom mats in required sizes, shapes, designs.

If you are safety or design conscious we’d also like to hear from you. We can help you design your mats around a particular function or purpose. Whatever the needs; whether it is a doormat with a logo, custom images or an entrance mat with text. You may have something more detailed and specific in mind. You may be considering a particular area of safety or duty. You may require the mats to prescribe a particular function, like dust removal or anti-static qualities.

The range includes, and is not limited to:

Be admired and consider the safety of people at your doors and entrances with Mat World door mats and entrance mats. Our advisers are happy assist you. Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with all applications of mats and custom matting. We can also work closely with architectural designers, fitout project managers or shop fitters and more.