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  1. Mat World Carpet and AliBrush Combination Architectural Mat Insert for Aluminium Mats

    Aluminium Architectural Mat

    The Aluminium Architectural mats are perfect fixtures for architectural specification and highly favoured by architects for corporate building specs. Based on clear anodised aluminium sections…

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  2. Company history

    Our story     Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. It was set-up more than 30 years ago as…

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  3. Laser Cut Matting

    Laser cut insert logo mats are the most durable type of common logo mats. They are formed by cutting existing coloured matting material of various…

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  4. 5 Things to Consider in Choosing Door Mats

    When entering a building we often don’t take notice of a very important object beneath our feet. The door mat (less frequently written as doormat)…

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  5. Custom Mats

    Most of our floor mats and matting can be custom made to specific requirements. We welcome enquiries about custom floor mats and matting. Custom Door…

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    Custom door mats are essential in high traffic commercial environments. As a cleaner or janitor you want mats that are easy to clean and large…

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    Safety regulations in Australia may often suggest that workplaces consider rubber matting as a means of accident prevention and as part of the usual workplace…

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  8. Door Mats, Entrance Mats and Mattings, Custom Door Mats – Mat World (Archive)

    Mat World has Australia’s largest range of custom floor mats, and part of this range is the door mats. These mats are available for both…

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  9. Designa Vinyl Archietctural Mat

    The Designa Vinyl Architectural mats are perfect for architectural specification. Based on a plastic frame with carpet-faced matting insert strips, Designa Mats are much lighter…

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  10. About

    Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. It was set-up more than thirty years ago as a specialist commercial and…

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  11. FAQ

    Read frequently asked questions by Our clients and make informative decisions before installing new mats in your building