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Four reasons Why logo Mats are so popular?

If you’ve been seeing a lot of logo mats around lately, there’s a good reason. Everyone wants to showcase whatever they happen to be into, whether it’s their current school or alma mater or their favorite sports team. There are plenty of reasons logo mats are so popular, and here are just a few of them:
(1) Logo mats get the word out about your business. Having custom mats with your company logo on them is a great way to showcase your business and get your name out there. It is far more unique than other methods of marketing your business, so why wouldn’t you want to do what you can to stand out? Everyone needs a mat to put by the door, so why shouldn’t they have a mat that announces your business name to them?
(2) They share just a little bit about yourself. Sometimes you want the world to know something about you very subtly. If you’re proud of your team or your school, then there is no harm in announcing that to the world with a custom mat that sits on your doorstep. It also provides a jumping off point for conversation because people will know what you are interested in.
(3) They can be made totally unique. Just because your friend has a logo mat of your favorite sports team, it doesn’t mean that you have to have the exact same mat. It is possible to custom make these mats so that no two are the same. Maybe you want to add your name to it or create a cut out mat instead of just a standard rectangular one. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask what can actually be done. You should never assume that your idea for a mat, no matter how exacting it might seem, can’t be done.
(4) Logo mats offer more than just a place to wipe your feet. Naturally everyone needs to have a mat by their entryway, especially on rainy or snowy days. But why should you have boring mats that look exactly like everyone else’s mats. You certainly don’t have to! Create the mats you want to have by having them custom made by a reputable company like Extreme Logo Rugs. So are you ready yet to order logo mats for your home or business? Did you know that there were so many options available to you? Most people have no idea just how many options they have. The boring rectangular mats are no longer a requirement!

Mat World can create Logos of any size on any mats using unique tools and cutting edge technology located in our warehouses.

Why buy Kitchen floor Mats?

Kitchen floor mats are an important addition in the kitchen. Mats are in general very useful all over the house, right from the entrance to the back door to the kitchen, to the bathroom door and floor.

A kitchen floor mat is one of the most important things that we can have in the kitchen. It is generally used to cover a hard floor such as cement, wood or tile. Kitchen floor mats have a wide variety of uses. They help keep the area free of dirt, grease and moisture. Also, they not only offer good drainage but also provide relief from stress. These mats have anti-slip quality that makes it ideal to be used on kitchen floors.
There are several other long-term benefits as well, such as they take care of your feet and back, and also help enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen. With rubber mats in place, the kitchen space is safer and cleaner.

Mat World has a wide range of Rubber kitchen mats that are available in different colours, designs and sizes to suit every kind of kitchen decor. You can also choose mats that comes with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties as well, that helps to prevent microbial degradation on your floor and gives you many health benefits.

How to choose an Entrance Mat?

Traffic : Firstly the amount of traffic has a major bearing. For instance, installing a mat designed for a low or medium traffic environment in a major shopping centre where foot traffic passing over the mat is numerically very high, means quick wear and quickly reduced efficiency as the mat wears. Wear does not only mean destruction of the surface material but also rapid flattening through developed traffic channels.

Fibre Weight : There are two determinants here. Firstly, the amount of fibre constituting the surface determined by its weight and generally expressed in ounces per square yardm. The greater the weight of fibre the longer the potential life. In this catalogue you will find mats ranging from less than 600gms per sq m to as high as 2000 gms per sqm.

Fibre Structure : Then the structure of the fibre. For instance if the fibre is tightly punched there is a greater resistance to traffic patterns and flattening than if loosely punched.

Environment : In addition the environment outside the facility has a bearing because the type and quality of the dirt being carried into the building can help determine which mat is better suited.

Mat Size : The size of the mat chosen, particularly in length, determines the effectiveness at removing dirt from shoes. The more often shoes make contact, the more dirt is removed. It takes as much as 10m of matting to remove 99% of dirt. 6m will remove about 80% and 4m of matting will remove about 60% of dirt from shoes.

Architectural Mats : There are also so-called “Architectural” mats, ften specified for new buildings, which have heir own positives and negatives and are often pecified in areas where they will not be ideal. It can be valuable to seek advice prior to such specification.

Consultants : Each facility should make a decision based on its own particular criteria. Because the assessment of all criteria can be complicated, Mat World offers the services of skilled, trained consultants to help the decision making process. There is no charge or any obligation in utilising the services of these consultants who are available at any of our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Why buy Anti-Fatigue Mats?

An investment in quality anti fatigue matting will help prevent injuries as well as assist in a more productive workforce. It is hard to argue against the statement, “When we feel better, we do better.” Pain in the feet, legs and back from standing has a direct relationship on a person’s attitude. A person’s attitude has a direct relationship with morale, productivity, absenteeism, turnover and ultimately an organizations’s profit margin. An investment in quality anti fatigue matting will help reduce or eliminate the pain from standing as well as prevent potential work-man comp claims and or injuries.

Can I get a mat made to any size or dimension?

Absolutely, we make mats and matting to any size, shape or configuration. Simply contact your nearest Mat World Branch and they will be able to help you with this and in most instances, actually come out to do a measure-up of the job and provide you at no obligation quote.

What are Foam Laminates?

Foam laminates are anti-fatigue mats consisting of several strata laminated together. Usually a tough vinyl top surface is laminated to a foam material. the top surface is designed to resist wear. the foam ensures anti-fatigue qualities.

A further, slip-resistant underlay is sometimes bonded to the underside of the foam thereby creating the ideal anti-fatigue mat – tough wear surface, air-soft, anti-fatigue foam and slip preventing under-surface.

Why Moulded Foam?

Moulded foam mats are made of expanded vinyl or other foam, giving superb, long life, anti- fatigue qualities. the top surface may have an integral pattern moulded into the foam, designed to enhance slip resistance and reduce wear of the top surface of the foam. Even safety yellow edges may be moulded into some of the products.

Being moulded and extruded as long runners, these mats are very economical. there is no additional lamination.

Why Mat World Offers Wet Area Matting

Matting for wet areas has its own special requirements. obviously, the need for water to run off or drain through the matting is most important. Essentially the water deposited on the mat should quickly and automatically run off the top surface of the mat leaving, at all times, the top surface dry or, at worst, damp.

The mat must be of such a structure that it is gentle to bare feet and pleasant to walk on. Many mats that may drain well are not necessarily kind to bare feet.
Slipping, too, is a possible problem in wet areas – which is a good reason for the top surface to drain well. Slipping in wet areas is generally a far greater hazard than in dry areas.