[ Errol Goldberg, Managing Director, Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd ]

The introduction of new, far more onerous, Occupational Health regulations has placed anti-fatigue and safety matting squarely in the picture particularly in all facilities where people stand to work.  Such situations are very much a part of virtually all warehousing and production facilities.

It is no longer possible to allow staff to stand and work continuously on hard floors and certainly not on hard, cold floors.

It is not always easy either to know what mats are available nor which mat is best for the particular circumstances, Mat World has set up, in each of the five states in which they have an office, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide a “troubleshooter” whose function is to give professional but free advice to anyone who is uncertain of how to solve a problem that might be resolved with matting.

Mat World has, arguably, the largest range of commercial and industrial mats in Australia, having specialised in this field for over 35 years.  The reason for the need for such a range is that every situation requires individual, specific consideration.  No one mat can or does solve all problems.

For example, many production facilities need mats that will resist the greases and oils that are prevalent.  Ordinary rubber mats break down in such circumstances.  High quality nitrile rubber mats such as Mat Worlds Cushion Foot mats are specifically constructed to solve this problem.  In addition the mats are designed with large, raised off the ground, drainage holes.   Spillages drain away so that staff will not stand in the liquid.

The mats resist movement and are able to be joined together in any dimension so that an entire area can be surfaced with edge-to-edge matting if required.  Edges can be ramped, preferably in easy-to-see yellow, for safety reasons.  And any such mat should be guaranteed for long life.  It goes without saying, of course, that such a mat must relieve foot fatigue, must be most resilient and not hard or board-like.  So here is a mat that is designed for its specific job.

On the other hand, a warehouse packing station or a reception counter, as examples, has no such requirements.  However, here a mat may be needed that ensures relief from standing but that will protect from hard cold floors such as vinyl or even carpeting on concrete.  And so matting that not only ensures foot comfort but also insulates against cold may be what is required.  And a variety of mat qualities is necessary because the amount of traffic determines the potential wear and therefore the required quality of the top surface of the mat.

These are two typical situations but there are many more.

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